Out technology


Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) technology has revolutionized battery performance, opening up entire new fields of applications. Unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, NiMH technology works by transferring hydrogen back and forth in an easily reversible reaction.

NiHM is the technology of choice for the emerging hybrid electric vehicle market.

Our batteries lead the industry in performance. Our patent portfolio contains the fundamental patents for NiMH technology. In all, more than 65 US and 280 international patents for advanced battery technologies are held. 

NiMH is the number one battery technology for rechargeable electronic devices world-wide. NiMH batteries are smaller and lighter (because of higher energy and power densities). They are less expensive in terms of lifecycle and maintenance costs. They have the ability to operate under extreme conditions. And, in contrast to other technologies such as lead-acid, our batteries are environmentally friendly.