Just like corporates that use multiple VPN connections at the same time, cells in a circuit need multiple processes to create the ‘push’ that results in the flow of current. While businesses look to upgrade their products, especially those associated with batteries, they want to use products that can enhance business success. This has led to the rise of Nickel Metal Hydride battery, also known as NiMH battery.

 These batteries have seen the replacement of cells such as nickel-cadmium among others. That should not be in vain. Below are the reasons why Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are being glorified.

Higher capacity

The more the charge a cell can store, the better. It is for this reason that manufacturers opt to use NiMH instead of substitutes like Nickel Metal Hydride. Consumers too are also keen on knowing the kind of batteries they are purchasing. This is one of the reasons why consumers will go for NiMH batteries.

A higher battery capacity means that more charge gets to be stored and the longer the service of the battery.

High energy density

What does this mean? A cell that has a high energy density can store a high amount of energy in a small mass. Today, no one wants large devices. The smaller, the better. For the performance of these devices to be top notch, then technologies like NiMH are needed to make it possible. This means that smaller batteries are able to stomach such high amounts of energy.

Portability and storage

As aforementioned, NiMH batteries do not need to be huge for them to perform. Its potential for high energy density is one of the things that makes it portable. More so, it is rechargeable which means that it can be of use anywhere and everywhere. You just need to recharge if it discharges. The beauty of it is that these batteries are also low-discharge and might not require recharge for a long time.

It is also worth noting that the transportation of these batteries is never subject to any regulatory controls.


What makes these batteries environment-friendly? It is straightforward. For one these batteries are rechargeable to mean that they can be used over and over again. Therefore, they are less likely to be thrown and have environmental implications. As you also may well be aware, rechargeable batteries are always the safest to the environment. There is always two sides of the coin. NiMH batteries also have limitations like high maintenance. This is whereby one has to wait until the battery fully discharges before recharging to prevent crystallisation and also to prolong the battery life. The bright side is that the benefits are more.