Vehicles do not just need fueling to move. The existence of a high-quality battery can be all the solution your immobile vehicle needs. HD batteries are specially made for a motorcycle’s electrical system and vibration profile. The HD batteries are manufactured by a popular brand name in the vehicle industry, called the Harley-Davidson®.

Choosing an authentic long life Harley-Davidson battery is one of the highlights of every bike rider. HD batteries are built for quality and longevity. In fact, its manufacturers guarantee that even in the event of an accident, the batteries do not leak. The HD batteries feature an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) that helps prevent leakage. Better yet, the batteries will not even need additional electrolyte. Still, wouldn’t you want to know how long you can keep your new HD battery before you have to replace it again?

How long do they last?

Given the optics mentioned above, it is clear that HD batteries can withstand a lot of pressure. The better news is that these batteries can last a couple of years if only you can take good care of them. Ideally, HD batteries stainless steel terminal bolts that are made to withstand and resist any corrosion. For one, it is vital that you allow for proper ventilation when it comes to caring for your HD battery. You should also cut down on the leaning, every time you jump-start your motorbike. Other than excellent quality and longevity, HD batteries are the best choice because there is always something for every bike rider:

Best HD batteries

PowerStar HD Blue Box Battery

The three-year warranty guaranteed by this HD battery speaks volumes about the longevity of the battery. The PowerStar HD Blue Box Battery is a sealed AGM battery that features top or front bolt terminals, unlike other models. Since it is a high discharge rate battery, the PowerStar HD Blue Box Battery can crank over a ton of power on large HD engines.

Caltric AGM BAttery for Harley Davidson

This battery tops the list of the most compatible Harley Davidson replacement batteries there are in the market. Like the PowerStar, it also has top or front bolt terminal. The best news is that this battery comes in a variety of sizes, making sure that everyone can get a battery to suit their need. However, for this reason, be sure you check the compatibility checker to identify the size that suits you because there are so many to choose from.

BikeMaster Motorcycle Deep Cycle Gel Battery

The BikeMaster Motorcycle Deep Cycle Gel battery may not necessarily be a perfect match for a bike rider on a budget, but it is one of the best HD batteries in the market. It is different from the rest in this list because it is a gel style that is ready for mounting soon after you are done with your old battery. Just for being a gel style battery, you are assured of exceptional stability and durability when you buy the BikeMaster gel battery. This battery also comes with top or front mount terminals, which go a long way in allowing you to use the orientation that works easiest for your preferences. However, this battery is only perfect for bike riders who are after small batteries, because it is specifically small.

Mighty Max Battery for Harley Davidson

Mighty Max is an AGM HD battery comes sealed from the factory and ready to be mounted on your bike. This Mighty Max battery comes with a warranty of one year, which is still a great deal when it comes to considering the longevity of your battery. Further, their prices are very reasonable, considering how great their deal is. The best part is that you can mount this battery on any part of your bike. It even makes the best battery for large engines and high discharge starting loads. Since the sizes are large, be careful in your selection so that you get one that fits your bike.

For bikers who want more durability and smaller batteries, with the Might Max HD battery, you can have just that. The battery is available in a gel type battery that is much more convenient for specific Harley Davidson bike models.

PowerSource Lightning Start Motorcycle Battery

Weather changes can never be your problem when it comes to PowerSource Lightning Start Motorcycle Battery. This battery is made to withstand different weather conditions, allowing you to power and jump-start your motorbike in any weather. This AGM battery comes in a variety of sizes to befit different users. It stands out from the rest with its bold red and black colors. It also allows for top or front mount for more flexibility and convenience.


HD batteries have surely raised their standards when it comes to providing the best value for their customers. Bike riders do not have to feel wary of their batteries dying on them in the middle of a race. These amazing HD models will go a long way to cover all your needs and preferences.